Thursday, April 15, 2010

Things about Me Thursday | Kansas City Photographer

Happy almost weekend!

1. I went to my first opera this last weekend. My sister is a music major at Washburn University. She was in a Japanese Opera. Michael and I went to watch, it was interesting, but long! This photo's not great, but it's taken from my phone.

2. I wish my sister lived closer, and I keep hoping that she ends up around KC when she graduates. There's 10 years between us so we weren't that close when I lived at home...she was still a baby! But, she's fun and I love hanging out with her now!

3. I absolutely love my iphone! I think I'm addicted and I'm sure Michael agrees. I don't even mind waiting at places like the dr. office...I have plenty of apps to keep me busy. My favorites are facebook and Bejewelled!

4. We have a cave at our house. I think Michael's grandparents used it for canning and such. We have never opened it...but a friend wants to have a revealing party to see what's in it. We may make it into a wine cellar.  I have a theory that there's a random family that lives in it, we'll see! Don't worry, we'll bug bomb it first!

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Lynsey J said...

OMG - leave me off the list for the cave revealing party! I can just imagine the mutant brown recluses that live in there! Yikes!