Thursday, April 29, 2010

Things about Me Thursday | Kansas City Photographer

Ok, I missed last week's Things About Me, but I'm here today!  Last week we had a large client conference at my work that I had to help I was crazy busy, but it made the week go fast!  Now, I'm playing catch up this week.

1. My 8-5, M-F job drives me crazy sometimes!  I'm either super bored or crazy busy...can't it even out?!  Hopefully one day, I'll be able to quit and do photography full time, I look forward to that.

2. I like to go camping.  It's a nice weekend vacation and I hope to get to go several times this summer.  Michael's awesome at taking care of the tent, fire, and cooking!  Lake Perry has a wonderful campground.

3. I love dancing.  I haven't been in a long time and miss it.  In college, we used to go to a country club and I learned to do line dances, two step, swing dance and more.  Michael and I took a Latin dance class before our wedding, but I don't really remember it much.

4. I used to scrapbook everything in my life!  I had a ton of photos and it was my fun hobby.  But, since everything's gone to digital, I hardly ever get prints made.  I need to do better with that, I love looking through old photos, so I need to make sure to have them to look through...

5. I love pjs.  Usually when I get home, I change right into them...unless I have to go somewhere.  They are just so comfy!  And, there are so many cute ones to choose from!

And, here's a photo of the beautiful red bud tree outside my work....

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hinkle Family | Kansas City Family Photography

The Hinkle family met me out at Shawnee Mission Park for a fun photo session.  It was a nice sunny day, but a little crazy with the wind!  We still got some great shots!

I love right before the kiss...

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Farrar Families | Kansas City Family Photography

One of my good friends from college, Jody, came to visit from CA.  I was excited to meet her beautiful little baby girl.  She's so sweet.  Also, Jody's sister and her cutie-patutie girls came along.  We had a good time, despite the crazy wind that day!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Things about Me Thursday | Kansas City Photographer

Happy almost weekend!

1. I went to my first opera this last weekend. My sister is a music major at Washburn University. She was in a Japanese Opera. Michael and I went to watch, it was interesting, but long! This photo's not great, but it's taken from my phone.

2. I wish my sister lived closer, and I keep hoping that she ends up around KC when she graduates. There's 10 years between us so we weren't that close when I lived at home...she was still a baby! But, she's fun and I love hanging out with her now!

3. I absolutely love my iphone! I think I'm addicted and I'm sure Michael agrees. I don't even mind waiting at places like the dr. office...I have plenty of apps to keep me busy. My favorites are facebook and Bejewelled!

4. We have a cave at our house. I think Michael's grandparents used it for canning and such. We have never opened it...but a friend wants to have a revealing party to see what's in it. We may make it into a wine cellar.  I have a theory that there's a random family that lives in it, we'll see! Don't worry, we'll bug bomb it first!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Natalie's 6 Month Session | Kansas City Baby Photography

You have seen my niece on many posts, but I think she just keeps getting cuter and cuter!  We had fun outside since spring finally made an appearance! 

She's in a phase where she loves having her tongue out and she has crazy wavy arms all the time!

She's ready for take off...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Things about Me Thursday | Kansas City Photographer

I hope your week is going great, I know mine is! I'm excited, I get to hang out with friends tonight that I do not see very often...and tomorrow and Sat I have photo sessions!

1. I'm afraid that I'm going to run out of Things About Me sometime! If you have questions or want to know anything, add it to the comments! I've been trying to think of random things that not everyone knows about me...and tell how I feel or what I'm thinking.

2. I love living in the city, the convienence is awesome and we live in a great area....BUT, one day I do want to move out of the city...not far, but have some land and space. I love going home to the farm, it's a mini-vacation to escape from my busy life here.

3. The two places that I want to go on vacation sometime in my lifetime are Hawaii and Ireland. They both look so beautiful.  Hawaii looks exotic and fun and Ireland has beautiful land and castles!

4. I'm very excited about my photography business, but also very scared. There's so much I want to do and offer, but it's also very overwhelming getting it all going and making it work. There will be lots of changes and new things during this year as I get things figured out for me and you!

5. I am a K-State and KU fan.  I know, some of you are gasping right now that I'm both since the rivalry is crazy around here!  But, I'll always be a KSU fan because that's where my dad, grandpa, cousins, and a ton of friends went. But, I do enjoy KU basketball and have fun cheering them on.  I understand how people are fans of one or the other...but some people are hateful towards the other team.  I DON'T GET IT, but on well, I guess I don't need to.  I understand the fun joking and wanting to kick the other team's butts, but the way some people act, come on - it's only a game and team.

For a fun photo...when I was at home, my dad spotted my sister's horse and a cat rubbing against each other...super cute!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April Specials | Kansas City Photographer

It's finally spring and the perfect time to schedule a session! I am working on fun packages with lots of products!  A session would be a great gift for Mother's Day or Father's Day!

April Special: If you book a session in April, you will get a set of three free mini accordion books (a $75 value)!  You can keep one for yourself and give the other two away.  They are magnetic so they stay together when thrown in a bag or purse.  Here is one design, but I have several to choose from...

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Noland Family | Kansas City Family Photography

I had the pleasure to hangout with the whole Noland family. We had a lot of fun, and everyone looked great!  It was wonderful to meet everyone, thanks for making me feel right at home! Sorry that there's so many, I even narrowed them down more than I see a few more, click here.
They have some fantastic art too...