Thursday, April 8, 2010

Things about Me Thursday | Kansas City Photographer

I hope your week is going great, I know mine is! I'm excited, I get to hang out with friends tonight that I do not see very often...and tomorrow and Sat I have photo sessions!

1. I'm afraid that I'm going to run out of Things About Me sometime! If you have questions or want to know anything, add it to the comments! I've been trying to think of random things that not everyone knows about me...and tell how I feel or what I'm thinking.

2. I love living in the city, the convienence is awesome and we live in a great area....BUT, one day I do want to move out of the city...not far, but have some land and space. I love going home to the farm, it's a mini-vacation to escape from my busy life here.

3. The two places that I want to go on vacation sometime in my lifetime are Hawaii and Ireland. They both look so beautiful.  Hawaii looks exotic and fun and Ireland has beautiful land and castles!

4. I'm very excited about my photography business, but also very scared. There's so much I want to do and offer, but it's also very overwhelming getting it all going and making it work. There will be lots of changes and new things during this year as I get things figured out for me and you!

5. I am a K-State and KU fan.  I know, some of you are gasping right now that I'm both since the rivalry is crazy around here!  But, I'll always be a KSU fan because that's where my dad, grandpa, cousins, and a ton of friends went. But, I do enjoy KU basketball and have fun cheering them on.  I understand how people are fans of one or the other...but some people are hateful towards the other team.  I DON'T GET IT, but on well, I guess I don't need to.  I understand the fun joking and wanting to kick the other team's butts, but the way some people act, come on - it's only a game and team.

For a fun photo...when I was at home, my dad spotted my sister's horse and a cat rubbing against each other...super cute!


Lynsey J said...

I mean! Love the horse and kitty pic! said...

So cute, love horse and cat too. Do you have a close up?

Shauna Renee said...

Thanks. I wish I had a close up, as I kept walking closer they were distracted by no.

Claire said...

I'm SO with you on being a KU and K-State fan! I went to K-State and will always bleed purple, but I was raised a KU girl and have a soft spot in my heart for them. The rivalry kills me and makes me want to punch the fans who give a bad name to both teams! But especially the KU fan who saw my powercat front license plate and decided to wave his KU hat at me the morning after they beat us the first time in basketball. Long comment, sorry!