Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Three Years Ago...

Three years ago, I was at my house having my hair done and surrounded by wonderful friends and family.  Michael was at a friend's house doing the same.  It was our wedding day.  It was one of the most awesome days I've ever had...probably the most awesome one.  Everyone was fantastic - I've never had so many people take care of me like was nice to be pampered! :)  Seeing Michael as I walked into the church was my favorite part of the day.  He couldn't stop grinning, and neither could I.  We had so much fun taking photos after the wedding at Loose park, then the reception was a blast.  I think everyone had a great time by looking at the photos.  I would love to do the day all over again, it definitely went way too fast.
Michael - thank you for being a fantastic husband and I love you very, very much.  I am so happy with you.  Happy Anniversary pumpkin.

And, here are some photos of our awesome day...Thank you Josh and Jenny Solar for capturing all the intimate and fun moments of our day!  You guys are the best and I'm glad you could be part of our day.

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