Monday, May 17, 2010

My yard Progress | Shawnee Kansas Portrait Photographer

Ok, I know I didn't post a Things about me Thursday last week and I'm sorry!  To make up for it, here is a post about our yard projects.  Michael and I have been wanting to work on the appearance of our yard for awhile now, but things always came know - working late, always gone, it's raining, no money, watching tv, napping, :) etc, etc.  Well, this year, we finally got motivated.  We are not done by any means, but have a pretty good start.  Michael's grandmother had a beautiful yard and landscaping back with she was healthy and lived there....which has been many years it's been a little neglected since.  There are still some beautiful plants, they just need to be controlled and pruned.  So far, we have had our 10 full-grown, huge trees trimmed, they look so much cleaner.  We also have worked on the side of the house, the front flower bed, and started in the back area.  There's a ton of stuff we still want to do like: build a deck, make a fire pit, put up new white fences by the flower beds, and more...
By the way, I absolutely LOVE mulch!  It gives such a clean look!

We have it cleared out in this area, but still need to do the planting and put in a new fence:
Keep in mind for the front bed, most of the plants are perennials and will grow back larger each year, so it will fill in better.  Also, we hope to add to it each year.

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