Thursday, May 6, 2010

Things about Me Thursday | Kansas City Photographer

1.  We are starting to landscape our yard.  In my mind it seems easy and awesome...then we get outside and I see how much work it really is going to take.  I'm still excited, but wish it was done already.

2. For our anniversary, I bought Michael a pocket knife and he got me flowers and a clutch.  I love them both!  I know you're thinking what a crap gift for Michael, but in my defense...he has been wanting a nice, new knife for awhile.  So, although it's not romantic, it's still thoughtful. :)

3. I do not have one favorite color and am always perplexed when someone asks.  I LOVE colors.  My favorite color depends on my day and what it pertains to.  Right now my favs are (either have or want) -
Red: toe nails, wall colors, shirts
Hot Pink: phone cover, Photo Logo
Coral/Orangie Pink: bedding
Tortoise: clutch, shoes, photo bag
Ice blue: camera
Yellow: flowers
Black/white: love for a classic/sophisticated look - clothes, shoes, bags, bedding

4. I really, really want to win the lottery.  I have thought long and hard about how I'd spend the money.  Usually I daydream about it on a long drive or while trying to fall asleep.  I feel like I'd do a lot of really good things for people with it.  And, as you can guess, Michael would have an awesome huge garage and tons of classic cars.  I'd have an awesome house, shoes, clothes, and photo studio!  It might help if I actually played more than every so often!

5. I like sheep, especially lambs.  They are sooo cute!  I joke with Michael that we should put one in our chicken coop!  I used to take a sheep to the fair each year back when I was in 4-H.  Yep, I was definitely a tomboy!

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