Thursday, March 11, 2010

Things about Me Thursday | Kansas City Photographer

I plan to start a "Things about Me Thursday" post each week.  I feel like sharing a bit so you can get to know me!

1. I love photography and appreciate the art and capturing the "real" personalities of my subjects!

2. I met my husband during college when I was at PittState.  I met him at a bar and  I kicked his butt at pool twice that night! :)  I love him so much and he's my best friend and a wonderful husband!  

3. We have been married for almost 3 years now! Cinco De Mayo!

4. We have a Siberian Husky, three cats, and 3 lizards in our small house.  They are all grown now, but look how cute they were as babies...

5. We just bought our house in Nov, although been renting it for almost 4 years!  It used to be Michael's grandparents.  It's cute and cozy, but old and can use some updating! We have so many plans for it, now we just need the money to get started!

6. My family means the world to me!  They are so great, I'm the oldest of 4 and we have a good time when we get together!  My parents did a great job raising us and I appreciate all they did and still do for us!  Also, I love my in-laws.  I was very lucky marrying into Michael's family, I consider them to be my own and love hanging out with them! And, I now have a niece and a nephew!  They are adorable, I'm sure you've seen tons of pictures on here of them!

7. I love, love shoes!  I have a ton of really cute one, But I don't wear 1/2 of them cause they hurt my feet!

More next week!

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Lynsey said...

Love you!!