Thursday, June 24, 2010

Things about Me Thursday | Kansas City Photographer

I hope everyone's having a good week...we're almost to the weekend! 

1. My brother's getting married next month. I'm excited...I love weddings and am glad he found someone to share his life with.  Should be a fun wedding!

2. I want the new iphone SO bad!!! I watched the news today and saw all the people standing in line for it. It looks awesome, and has some great new features. BUT, I upgraded my iphone last year, so I am not due for another upgrade til next year.  No fun.

3. I love my pets.Yes, I get tired of always having to use a lint roller before walking out of the house and having to vacuum all the time...BUT, they are so sweet, have great personalities, and can be super lovey. And, yes, I talk to them...I know they understand me. ;)

4. A lot of events have happened lately and it makes me appreciate my family and friends more than ever.  It's easy to take everyone for granted...but I really do care about and love all of you!  I want to do better at getting together and spending more time with all my loved ones. 

5. We lost a great friend last week.  Chris, we'll miss you and your crazy, awesome personality.  I loved being around you, you always kept me entertained with your goofiness!  You and Michael are alike and kept me cracking up when you were together.  I wish I didn't have to say goodbye.

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