Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Comments = Food Donations

Ok, I got this wonderful idea from Josh Solar's blog. He asked for bloggers to copy and spread the idea! For every comment that is left on either of my blogs on any post, I'll donate a canned food item to Harvesters. They are a wonderful organization that helps thoughout KC! This way, I get the excitement of reading comments and you get the satisfaction of helping give food to the needy!

Here's the rules to get this started! All you have to do is:

Leave me a comment on any post in either blog, and I'll donate a can for each comment!
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Thanks in advance to everyone who helps out! I'll do this through Sat, Dec. 20th.


Jenny said...

Yay! Donate for me :)

Newton-Mohn said...

I need accountability! Will these donations be itemized on your taxes and will make your tax filings public?